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Coffee Valve

Product Description

Coffee Valve,After roasting, the packaged coffees should not be exposed to oxygen, moisture and light to maintain their freshness. It should also be protected against loss of aroma, taste and odor. Using the Wellplast valve, fresh roasted coffees serve to discharge CO2 gas that is formed in the package without contact with oxygen and water vapor. As a result, we ensure that the freshness, aroma, taste and smell of the first day of the coffee is maintained by using the valves.


Membrane : Silicone Rubber
Valve Body : LDPE-PP
Filter : Nano Fiber 
Oil : Without Oil


Outer Diameter : 20 mm
Height : 5,80 mm
Weight : 1 gram
Opening Pressure :1-5 mbar
Closing Pressure :0-1 mbar
Sealing Point : 160°C

Coffee Valve